Fear, #YesAllWomen, and Threats

Word up, MMY. Re-blogged in solidarity and respect.

A Broken Laptop

We’re all familiar and, hopefully, sickened by Elliot Rodger’s killing spree last week.

I’m not necessarily going to talk about that.

He blamed his breakdown on women for not fulfilling his sexual desires and for throwing themselves at other men. Most likely men who wouldn’t stab or gun them down in a lackadaisical fashion, but I’m not necessarily going to talk about that, either.

Let’s talk about the hashtag #YesAllWomen and what happened when I used it.

#YesAllWomen is Twitter hashtag that quickly gained popularity after the shootings. The idea is that not every man acts in such a threatening manner, but yes, all women have or do feel fear based on the actions of men. Not every man, but #YesAllWomen.

Let me make myself clear. I’m not bashing men. I would never bash men. I have been extremely fortunate in growing up with a wonderful father, an awesome brother…

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