Review: Lifeline by Kit Power

Lovely review of Lifeline from book blogger Dawnzilla!

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Book Description:


Not the “best call the wife” sort of trouble. Not the “how on earth did I manage that?” sort of trouble. Not even the “I hope to God no-one ever finds out about this” sort. Frank would kill for that kind of trouble right now. But it’s not Frank who’s making that call.

Someone else is. And that someone else is Trouble like Frank has never known.

And now, Frank is discovering that in a survival situation, hope can be as much of a liability as despair…


It’s going to be really hard to review this short story without giving anything away because the action starts on the first page and doesn’t let go until the end. Lifeline is the story of Frank, a normal guy who’s just going on with his life until something truly terrifying happens to him. He has…

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