Everyone's Devil

Hey cats and kittens,

It’s time for me to do a little begging. A couple of years ago C.A. Suleiman approached me about writing a story for his proposed shared world anthology, TALES OF THE LOST CITADEL. He sent me the writer’s bible and I was SOLD! He’s conceived it as what he calls a transmedia project–books, art (both digital and physical), music. All of it wrapped up in a post-apocalyptic high fantasy setting. That’s right, post-apocalyptic PRE-TECHNOLOGY! Magic, mayhem, murder, and… We’re not allowed to use the Zed-word–let’s call them the undead.

The last remaining mortal society in the world is the walled mountain city of Redoubt. This sprawling, heavily fortified bastion is the single island of life left in a world of the undead. Redoubt is home to hundreds of thousands of people—human and demihuman like. Stiflingly tyrannical where the rich and powerful dwell, hideously crime-ridden where want…

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