Bleeding Springsteen: How Bruce’s Writing Inspires this Weirdo.


I recently posted a list of fifteen writers who have had an influence on my work. One of those writers was Bruce Springsteen. Does he write books? No, but he does write stories. He creates characters and places and moments in his songs that breathe just as well as Jack Torrance or Scout Finch. You’ve lived in his towns. You’ve felt the pain of losing someone close to you and the joy of doing the things you love. He writes about things that have influenced his day-to-day life as well as yours, and he does so effortlessly. Okay, he makes it seem that way, but I’m sure he fights for his words as hard as any of us writers do.

There are plenty of authors who mention the impact of his work in their own. Brian Keene is the big one that comes to mind (he does have a book…

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Pounded in the Butt by Social Justice Warriors by Dingleberry Peckerwood


I know what you’re thinking: “Social Justice Warriors are just crybabies. They’re nothing but a group of idiots complaining about everything, accusing everyone of being a racist, and denying the fact that what they do is actually pseudo-progressive authoritarianism and they don’t give a shit about justice.” You know what? You have a point. There is a lot of that going on, but the problem is not that. No, the problem is that you feel very comfortable putting everyone in that group. That leads to your All Lives Matter bullshit and your constant complaining and your unending quest for examples that can fit that mold instead of paying attention and realizing that at least one out of every ten times, the issue being discussed is important and the group fighting for attention actually deserves it.

Let me tell you why you hate SJWs so much: you hate them because you’re…

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