Why the UKIP populism bothers me

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Thinking About Learning

UK politics is in a most bizarre state.

For the last 5 years or so, we have seen a massive turnaround in the way the country is reacting to our elected officials. From expenses scandals to never before seen global economic crashes to privatisation of the NHS to the collapse of UK banks to coalition government to austerity measures to food banks, it’s almost more crazy that we’ve kept going as a nation and not fallen apart.

I was never really a politically interested citizen. I was what would be called a moderate. I vote whenever called to, and would loosely follow what was happening in politics. Until things started going all screwy with the country and then I started to listen more to understand better.

And amongst it all, has been the perfect breeding ground for UKIP. They’ve been festering as a group for many years, but no-one really…

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